Product Information
Retirement Plans Freedom
A Non - Linked Participating Endowment plan which will enable you to find a balance in your financial portfolio just as you would create a balance in your life's portfolio. This plan provides you Guaranteed Additions to enhance your retirement corpus.


  • Boost your corpus with our Guaranteed Additions :
  • Choose a policy payment term as per your convenience and get 10% p.a. of Annualized premium at the beginning of each policy year till the premium payment term.
  • Decide when you want to retire :
  • You have the flexibility to choose your policy term that suits your Retirement needs. You may choose from Retirement Option 1 or Retirement Option 2 wherein the Maturity age is 55 or 60 years respectively.
  • Optional Rider to enhance your plan :
  • Customize your product by adding optional Tata AIA Life Accidental Death & Dismemberment Rider.
  • Growth of your corpus through Bonuses : 
  •  Enjoy growth of your corpus through Compounded Reversionary Bonus and Terminal Bonus, if any, thus enabling you to have an independent life.

Minimum entry age (Age as on last birthday)

25 years

Maximum entry age (Age as on last birthday)

For Retirement Option1:45 years

For Retirement Option 2: 50 years

Maximum maturity age

For Retirement Option 1: 55 years

For Retirement Option 2: 60 years

Policy Term

For Retirement Option 1: 55 – age at entry

For Retirement Option 2: 60 – age at entry

Premium Payment Term

For Policy Term 10 to 14 -7/10 years For Policy Term 15 and above – 7/10/15 years