Product Information
Saving And Investment Plans MahaLife Supreme
a Limited Premium Paying Non-Linked Non-Participating Endowment Assurance Plan that enables you to plan both your savings outflow and the required regular annual income inflow along with the all important benefit of life insurance protection. In this plan, you have the option to pay premiums for a limited period of either 12 or 15 years and receive guaranteed annual income for 18 or 20 years respectively.


  • Limited premium payment endowment plan with Guaranteed Annual Income
  • Choose between 2 options - based on Policy Term and Premium Payment Term as per your requirement of savings outflow and required income inflow
  • Steady and Guaranteed Annual Income to provide a regular inflow of funds
  • Option to enhance protection through rider
  • Option to enhance protection through rider
  • Tax Benefits available under Section 80C and 10 (10D)

Plan Options

Option A

Option B

Min entry age

18 years

18 years

Max entry age

50 years

50 years

Max maturity age

85 years

80 years

Policy Term

35 years

30 years

Premium Payment Term

15 years

12 years