Product Information
Retirement Plans SBI Life - Retire Smart
SBI Life - Retire Smart, a non-participating unit linked pure pension plan, which guarantees you minimum of 101% of all premiums paid, when policy is in force, on Maturity/Vesting; thus the downside risk in the market is protected to a great extent.


  • Your Fund Value is boosted, through guaranteed (Conditions Apply*) additions of up-to 210% of Annual Premium.
  • Guaranteed Additions* of 10% of Annual Premium are paid regularly, starting from the end of 15th policy year and at the end of every year thereafter till the end of policy term.
  • Get Terminal Additions of 1.5% of Fund Value, at maturity/vesting or on earlier death.
  • No need to worry about your investments, as the same is managed on your behalf by SBI Life through ‘Advantage Plan’. This plan guarantees a minimum of 101% of all premiums paid at maturity/vesting.
  • Get a Guarantee of minimum 105% of all premiums paid on earlier death.
  • Option to pay premiums regularly or for a limited period.
  • Flexibility to postpone your vesting age.
Age^ at Entry Minimum: 30 years
Maximum: 70 years
Age^ at Maturity/Vesting Minimum: 40 years
Maximum: 80 years
Policy Term 10, 15 to 35 years (both inclusive)
Premium Paying Term Regular Premium - Same as policy term
Limited Premium -
5/8 years - Policy Term of 10 years
5/8/10/15 years - Policy Term of 15 - 35 years (both inclusive)
Premium Frequency Yearly / Half-yearly / Quarterly / Monthly