‘I' is just an alphabet but a life begins with it. In fact, every life starts with an alphabet, i.e. ek Akshar.

Akshar, which is also known as an Ultimate God, is an origin of many lives, which not only creates them but also protects them.

This principal applies to 'Akshar Group' too!

AKSHAR group is a leader in providing customized insurance products for the Clients. One of our most important goals is to provide a high value for money to our customers by structuring our insurance programs to best suit their wants, needs, and risk tolerance at the most competitive price.

AKSHAR is one of the fastest growing family-owned Insurance agencies in India, built with a tradition of opening doors, nurturing relationships & strengthening financial bridges...

...across borders, across oceans, across generations, across the decades.

Serving your financial goal...
Working with the people you value most...

Akshar Group has not only helped its clients develop a strong financial portfolio, but has also helped them get covered for their life as well as for their assets, for over 60 years. On our journey, we have earmarked many milestones. But more than that, what gives us inner satisfaction is that we have earned trust and confidence of more than 5000 clients. Our humble endeavour is to help them grow their confidence in us in protecting them, their family and their assets.

Late Shri. Biharilal Shah has served the Insurance Industry for around 40 years as a consultant and was No. 1 for 12 yrs at LIC branch 918, Mumbai, starting from the year 1954.

For over Six decades, Akshar have expanded financial opportunities, championed new products and services, and spearheaded new financial and business markets for their clients.

Late Shri. KilKilraj Shah, LUTC - F, has been in the insurance business since 1972, having an Insurance background, as it was a family tradition; which he continued through Kil-Yash Insurance Services, founded way back in the year 1974 at Vadgadi. Back then; people had limited knowledge about the importance of insurance.

But not the one to be deterred easily, Late Shri. KilKilraj Shah, had strong beliefs in his values. His focus on customer service, product knowledge and hard work helped him persuade more and more individuals to buy insurance.

Over a period of time word spread about his professionalism and his customer list started growing. With an aim to spread his business further, he set up an office in Mumbai in 1975. His hard work and relentless efforts paid off in 1991 when he was qualified for the first time for a very prestigious MDRT, an achievement few could boast of, at that time.

Late Shri. KilKilraj Shah has qualified for 20 times for MDRT, 10 times for Court of the Table, 2 times for Top of the Table and today he is the Life member for this prestigious organization.

Late Shri. KilKilraj Shah in his quest for excellence continued to strive towards putting his best. Not just that, he has a huge client list spread across Mumbai and Rest of India, but also across the globe.

Founder of Akshar, Miral kilkilraj Shah continues the tradition of his grandfather and father, helping families throughout the globe to secure, accumulate, and transfer wealth to future generations. He joined this company in the year 1999, has developed his core expertise in General Insurance and Mutual Funds.

Today, Akshar partners with many leading Insurance companies not only in India, but also rest of the world.

Akshar totally believes in professionalism, creates values, and conducts business with ethics. With a strong customer-centric culture, our Clients as well as our Employees feel proud to be associated with us.

Akshar aspires to be the premier organization in providing right solution and adequate insurance coverage worldwide through offering cross-border consultation, planning & solutions for individuals and organizations facing complex financial & risk concerns; and also to those who are pro-active in securing their future through smart investments.


We would want to be among the top 10 most trusted partners for Risk Coverage and Portfolio Management in India, by 2022.


We dream only about our clients' secured growth. Hence, we aim to offer a Trusted, Prompt and Assured solution to keep our clients stress free, at all times.


I shall, in the light of all the circumstances surrounding my client, make every conscientious effort to ascertain & to understand, give him that services & advice which had I been in the same circumstances, I would have applied to myself.

Company Ethics

We consider our moral responsibility to provide a high value service to our customers by structuring our niche insurance programs to custom fit their wants, needs, and risk tolerance at the most competitive price. Since the inception, our primary Endeavour has been to furnish clients with the coverage they desire and have requested.

We offer excellent coverage coupled with competitive prices, and our programs are widely recognized for fair, timely customer service and claims service.

More than ever before, it's important that you, the consumer, be represented by an agency that works to earn your business and Endeavours to provide you with the coverage you have requested.

Company Core Values


PREAMBLE: Akshar Group is in the unique position of functioning as a liaison between our clients and various other insurance companies. As an Advisor, we owe our highest level of professional duty towards our client, while our client, while also occupying our position of Trust and loyalty to our insurance companies to whom we look as our partners.

  • To Hold our business to the very highest of ethical stan dards.
  • To Do & deliver quality oriented work.
  • To Always serve and honour the needs of our clients.
  • To Respect our clients’ confidentiality and hold personal information in trust.
  • To Render the very highest level of service to our clients and their beneficiaries.
  • To Employ every proper and legitimate means to help our clients to protect insurable obligations, while rigidly adhering to the highest standards of business and professional conduct.
  • To Continuously improve our skills and add to our knowledge through thought and study.
  • To Conduct our business in such a high plane that other emulating our example would evaluate the standards of our vocation.
  • To Keep over selves informed with respect to insurance laws and regulations and to observe them in both letter and spirit.
  • To Respect and prerogatives of all other whose services are constructively related to ours and work in cooperation with them in meeting the needs of our clients.
  • To Always be committed to our Clients.

At Akshar, we truly believe in Transparency, Equality, Commitment and Promptness.

It's been a regular practice to ensure every value in each of our dealings, with each of our clients and insurance companies.


To achieve your financial goals with effective & smart investment planning.

To offer comprehensive and wide range of insurance & financial advisory services.

To suggest investment options to the client as per your long-term and short-term goals

To achieve your financial goals with effective insurance & smart investment planning.


Why Akshar

Before answering this question, we would first like to delve a bit into 'Why Insurance?

It's been observed that many of us are more inclined towards the Financial Investments than Insurance. Considering the 'Human Life Value', the first question that one needs to ask while making investment is 'who can replace me?' We are very sure there are not many people who would get an appropriate answer for this question. In fact, Insurance secures our mind from such fear.

Our humble submission to all our clients and their relatives is 'Get yourself insured when you have money. Else, when you need money, you are not insurable'.

Akshar has established a reputation not only for designing unique customised products, but also getting unbelievable claim settlements for their clients.

Akshar is an innovative, technically superior Insurance Consultant who has developed a Web - based; On - Line, High - Tech servicing module, which is unique in itself; and has helped not only national but also international clients as per their needs, without any errors in the data management; and hence without any gaps in the services offered.

We are continually refining our coverage’s in Commercial Lines for businesses, niche markets, commercial, auto and various other insurance and financial sectors.

Selling insurance is our business. Our agencies have the ability to obtain policies from a variety of competing insurers. However, we have made a business decision to submit most or all applications for personal lines, commercial lines, employee benefits, liability, Credit Insurance, other various insurance and financial lines to the companies that we believe have products that are most suitable as per the needs you have communicated to us.

Please remember, however, that you are ultimately responsible for determining which insurance company you want to underwrite your policy, what type of coverage you need for your protection, the amount of insurance you need, and other issues.

By selecting AKSHAR, you choose an agency that has been in the insurance industry since 1954. Acting as an independent insurance Consultant, we are able to offer you excellent service and competitive prices from admitted and non-admitted insurance companies, financial institutions, because in most cases we can access insurance coverage from more than one insurance company and various other institutions.

Client Centric Approach:

Designed with long-term interest in mind

Rich Product Basket:

One stop right service provider for Life-General Insurance & financial Solutions.

Focus on Customer satisfaction:

With the right attitude, people, processes and technology, we ensure higher levels of satisfaction and service quality.

Value Added Services:

Our 4c’s- Comfort, Convenience, Confidence and Control ensure to keep you updated about your Insurance & financial Portfolio.

Right Experience and Skill:

With over 60 years of vast experience in insurance, we offer you the right strategies & solutions to achieve your goals.

Driven by Passion:

Nothing excites us more than helping our clients/ associates to achieve their financial goals and dreams in life with our support.

Across Border Coverage:

Wherever you take your business across the globe….. We protect you seamlessly. .


The following pictorial representation best defines our value-system. 'Integrity', as the base of the triangle, connotes our complete adherence to honesty and sincerity in everything we do. We use 'Teamwork' and ‘People development' coupled with 'Entrepreneurship' and ‘Performance' to passionately Serve Customers.

Akshar has a group of professionals and experts providing innovative and customer centric services across a range of people. Our experienced team provides the full spectrum of services – depending on your requirement, need and necessity. Whatever the scale of services, our team works closely and cohesively with other professionals, companies and organizations.


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Our agencies are grateful to have you as a Customer, and welcome any suggestions you have to assist us in serving our clients in a much better way. We appreciate your feedback.

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